Who we are

A family history

In 1981, a entrepreneurial story of Venetian passion
for the world of perfumes, began.

Way back in 1981 a Venician company was destined to become an incredible olfactory wonderland. Guided by the vision and passion of Roberto Marafatto, the initial goal was to create something extraordinary, something that could transform the daily bath routine into a ritual of sensory well-being.

As time went by, the legacy was passed down to the sons of Roberto Marafatto, Andrea and Sara. Andrea distinguished himself for his craftsmanship, becoming the Custodian of production, and Sara embraced the role of Creative Parfum Designer, blending art and research to create unique and exciting wellness experiences.

In 2009, La Maga embarked on a new chapter of growth with the opening of a modern production facility. This significant step forward combined sensory experience with productive excellence, ensuring impeccable service for both small batch craft creations and large-scale supplies required by domestic and international companies.