Lancia Ypsilon Elle

With passion and creativity, we have created fragrances that guide the senses through an extraordinary journey.

We created three extraordinary essences for the launch of the new Lancia Ypsilon Elle, a tribute to the beauty and elegance of the female world.

Powder Glam & Nero Vulcano is an ambitious and enchanted essence, a hymn to bold femininity. Musk notes dance in harmony with citrus accents, while fine woods emphasize determination and grit.
It is a perfume that reveals the hidden strength of every woman.

On the other hand, Cipri Glam gently melts on the skin like the caress of morning flowers. It is a sweet and soft fragrance, reminiscent of the awakening of nature.
Floral notes intertwine in a bouquet that evokes the sweetness of dawn

Bianco Glacé is an enveloping fragrance, an embrace of amber that blends with sweet hints of vanilla and sensual balsams.
It is a winter journey, a dance between the crystalline freshness and the warm intimacy, like the first warm sun rays after a chilly night.

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