Our services

Production and packaging

We are specialists in manufacturing, packaging and labelling, with a flexibility that allows us to adapt to different production volumes. Whether you need small custom batches or large quantities on an industrial scale, we are ready to meet your needs.

Artisan production of excellence
with customized capacity

Our production capacity is highly flexible, able to meet the needs of small businesses with minimum batches but also to manage large supplies. Our production strictly follows the European regulations GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in cosmetic, ensuring the highest quality and safety.

candele profumate in linea di produzione

Customized packaging
for every size

Not only is the fragrance personalized, but so too is the packaging.
We offer tailor-made packaging services to ensure that every detail of your product reflects your vision. Our packaging and logistics department is equipped with automatic filling and labelling lines ranging from 10ml to 1000ml and beyond.
Our internal production has turboemulsifiers and mixers, cold rooms, melters, automatic tube filling machines, automatic filling lines, labeling machines, in-line printers, automatic bagging machines and automatic packaging machines.
In addition, the shipping capacity varies from single package to full track on a euro pallet. Our infrastructure is ready to meet your packaging needs on any scale, always in full compliance with GMP regulations.

close up etichettatura formati speciali

Precision labeling
and complete traceability

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, we make sure that the labels comply strictly with the current labelling regulations. This includes the inclusion of essential information such as the ingredient list, product name, weight or net volume, bar code and all information required for consumer safety.
Our team is highly competent in ensuring that labels comply with the laws and regulations of the cosmetics industry. Our focus on accuracy and traceability also extends to our warehouse, which is able to encode packages with EAN barcodes.

sistema di etichettatura la maga

Bring your fragrance to life

We are here to help you turn your ideas into distinctive scents that can speak to your customers.