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Olfactory research

We offer companies the opportunity to explore new sensory horizons and create unique and unforgettable olfactory experiences.

Unique fragrances
For every business vision

From cosmetics to hospitality, from fashion to automotive, we are ready to translate different company visions into distinctive perfumes. We appreciate that each company has a unique history and identity. At this stage, we capture the essence of the project and the company, focusing on its values and culture. Using high-quality ingredients from around the world, we create fragrances that evoke emotions, stir memories and create deep connections with the audience.

ricerca olfattiva
Immersive analysis

We begin our journey by deep diving into the understanding of the corporate client. Through an exchange of meetings and ideas, we gain a holistic and detailed knowledge of its values, objectives and target market.

Tailor Made

By combining a wide range of olfactory notes, we create a unique symphony of aromas that blend into a proposition of diverse range of perfumes.

Refinement of formulae

The customer company is actively involved in the development process. We welcome feedback with enthusiasm, ensuring that the fragrance perfectly reflects the original vision.

Personal consulting services

In addition to creating bespoke fragrances, we offer personalized olfactory consulting services. This includes:
Olfactory Branding: We help companies harness the power of sensory marketing, showing them how to use fragrances to create emotional connections with customers and improve the brand experience.

Creating Environments: We collaborate with companies to design engaging sensory environments, such as showrooms and retail spaces, that capture the attention of customers through fragrance.

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Bring your fragrance to life

We are here to help you turn your ideas into distinctive scents that can speak to your customers.