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Formulation in the laboratory

In the heart of our scientific laboratory, research and experience come together fto form new formulas. Discover our world of creation. Discover our world of creation.

Laboratory formulation
A meticulous process

In our laboratory, continuous research blends with science to create exceptional fragrances that capture hearts and minds. This is how we work to formulate the most surprising formulations.

Formulation creation: this process involves the careful combination of basic, medium and high notes to achieve complex fragrances.

Stability test: We carefully monitor the behavior of preparations under different conditions, ensuring that it is consistent and reliable. It is essential to ensure that the final product maintains its consistency over time.

sviluppo formulazioni in laboratorio azienda produttrice di profumi

Creation of cosmetic formulations

The creation of cosmetic formulations is a very specific process that begins with the careful selection of raw materials. Our dedication to offer high quality products, ensures that we choose only the best raw materials, certified and with a proven effectiveness according to the result we want to achieve. Whether it is a moisturizer, a nutrient, an anti-age or a solution against skin spots, the quality of raw materials is of the highest importance.

Once the raw materials are selected, our team of experts start the process of formula creation. This is a critical step, in which the ingredients are carefully harmonized with precision and balance. The goal is to create a stable and effective fusion over time. To achieve this, we rely on our internal research and development laboratory, which is equipped with the necessary tools for measurement and checking.

In our laboratory, we use instruments such as phmeters, viscometers, incubators, centrifuges and many other precision devices. These tools allow us to closely monitor the composition and properties of the formula throughout the development process. In addition, we guarantee that each batch of product meets our strict quality standards through quality control tests carried out in the laboratory, mixing and packaging departments.

Testing and improvement: the science of olfactory excellence

Once the fragrance is formulated, we enter the critical phase of testing and refinement. Our laboratory becomes the place where science and art meet.

Sensory evaluation

Our team of experts conducts sensory evaluation sessions, subjecting the fragrance to intense olfactory tests. Every nuance is examined and discussed to ensure the desired harmony and balance.

Chemical analysis

We use advanced tools to conduct detailed chemical analysis of our formulas. This data helps us understand the molecular composition of the fragrance and ensure its stability.

Durability test

Perfumes must last over time. By performing durability tests, we evaluate how the fragrance develops and evolves on the skin over the course of hours.

Environmental stability test

Fragrances must withstand different environmental conditions. We test formulations at various temperatures and humidity levels to ensure they maintain their quality.

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