In the heart of nature the secret of your beauty

Advanced formulas for a natural beauty

Magamed is the new brand dedicated to the pharmacy and parapharmacy sector. A rich range of products dedicated to face and body care and cleansing. A special cosmeceutical line has also been developed, combining the effectiveness of cosmetic science with a focus on skin health and well-being.

Cosmeceutical creams

Designed to offer specific treatments for different skin needs.
Available in four 100ml formulations, these creams are enriched with natural ingredients known for their beneficial properties.

Hair care and cleansing

The line includes shampoo, conditioner and restructuring mask, created to meet different customer needs.

Eye and face cleansing and care

The line includes a diverse range of facial creams, from anti-aging to oily skin care, from revitalizing nutrition to deep hydration.

The range is completed with cleansing and makeup products, including makeup removers, micellar waters, cleansing milk, rinse-off facial cleansers, and scrub masks.

Cleansing and body care and intimate hygiene

The line includes a series of shower baths in different scents for refreshing and moisturizing cleansing.

We also offer a body moisturizer, ideal for skin that is always nourished and soft, and an intimate cleanser.

Hand and foot cleansing and care

The line includes specialized products formulated with ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness.

From hand and nail creams enriched with natural active ingredients to moisturize, repair and fortify, to foot creams designed to soften, nourish and refresh.

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Natural origin and transparency for the customer

The products in the range are formulated by giving priority to raw materials of natural origin, selected not only for their purity but also for their proven effectiveness and functionality. Each formulation in the Magamed range contains a variable percentage of ingredients of natural origin between 93 percent and 97 percent according to the ISO 16128 standard. This disclosure is on the packaging of each product, providing transparency to the consumer.

Sustainable beauty, protected skin

Mindful of the delicate balance between efficacy and safety, we have excluded substances such as silicones, known for their potential negative impacts, from our formulations. We also avoid the use of parabens, isothiazolinones, formaldehyde ceasers and EDTA, substances often discussed for their effects on human health and the environment. Foregoing the use of harsh cleansing agents such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is another step we have taken to ensure the gentleness and compatibility of our products with all skin types.

Are you a pharmacist?

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