Brand portfolio

Within our scented universe and natural solutions, we have created a portfolio of brands that reflect a love of beauty, nature, and life itself.


In the heart of Venice, among the calli and canals that tell centuries of history, lllrope was born.
It is the perfect expression of theunion between the rich Venetian seafaring tradition and perfumery science, thus creating a unique olfactory experience.
The basis of this extraordinary fragrance is the rope, an essential tool for the Venetian boatman. But here, the rope becomes much more: it turns into a magical vehicle for special olfactory compositions.

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Queen’s Floweret

With Queen’s Floweret, the art of scenting becomes a unique experience.
With a collection of ten eau de parfums for him and her, each drop is an invitation to explore emotions, celebrate beauty, and reveal your authentic spirit.
It is not just a perfume, but an olfactory signature that tells your story.

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From ancient herbal recipes comes Zanzarstop, a natural alternative to keep nuisance insects away. Our products in the Zanzarstop line dedicated to the person are made with natural ingredients and contain no alcoholic substances.
The main ingredient you will find in our products is a blend of natural essential oils, effective repellents known to keep insects at bay without having to resort to harsh chemicals.


In the vast spectacle of nature, we found our source of inspiration to create something truly extraordinary: Joy. This is the story of 16 “small size” eau de parfums that capture the beauty and diversity of the natural world. With Joy, each fragrance is an invitation to explore the beauty of the natural world and discover joy in its diversity. Whether you are a man or a woman, or simply looking for a scent that captures your unique essence, Joy is here to guide you on this fragrant journey.


Our goal is to transform your environment into a fragrant paradise, where heaven meets earth through rare and precious fragrances. Enter a special olfactory world with Heaven, where every breath is a heavenly caress.

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