Alabaster Figurines

All tiles and miniatures are our property and exclusively designed according to our sketches and plates.

Therefore all our samples and models are unique and completely new creations.

Our tiles are exclusively produced with ALABASTER gypsum coming from the TUSCAN gypsum deposit, the most pure gypsum there is in Italy.

All our figurines are HANDMADE and small imperfections are part of the handcrafted making, MADE IN ITALY.

The fascinating spirit of perfuming and decoring your home.

At the same time a fun spirit while decorating with imagination and personality. The smaller sizes of our figurines of 7 centimeters of height and the possibility to hang them up with a satin ribbon.

The bigger sizes of 11/12 centimeters of height provided with satin ribbon, the WATER LILY is ideal as center piece.
All figurines are labeled on the back and provided with a decorative ribbon.

On request we also provide small satin gift bags with rope handles in order to create a perfect match of “figurine and perfume”.

How to perfume our alabaster figurines

We suggest two different possibilities:

Using sprays : ideal for all the figurines of our collection

Instructions: vaporize the perfume onto the surface of the alabaster figurine spraying from a distance of more or less 5 cm for at least 3 times.

Wait for a few minutes in order to allow the perfume to entirely saturate, afterwards place the figurine wherever you desire to perfume your space.

Repeat on a regular basis for more fragrance intensity.

Using drops of concentrated natural oils (natural essential oils – perfumed essences).

This way of perfuming your figurines is ideal for the following formats:

–  Bear: a few drops into the small “Scent” jar

– Water lily: a few drops into the small pistil hole, the central part of the flower.

– Perforated flat heart: a few drops into the specific hole on the upper part of the heart.

Repeat on a regular basis for more fragrance intensity.

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