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Perfume for cats and dogs

This perfume containing Moringa seeds not only convinces with its delightful and long lasting fragrance, but also helps to avoid the deposit of dirt (creating a protective film) and eliminates bad odours with a purifying and protective action.

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Micro encapsulated dog shampoo with soothing “soft as cashmere”effect, ideal for all types of demanding fur (dense, long hair with important undercoat).

Spray FastWash

A quick wash with strong SOOTHING & DEODORIZING EFFECT.
This particular solution allows to quickly wash your cats and dogs donating soft and  easily brushable fur. This product containing active agents of Soy proteins and Moringa EXTRACT create a protective film against environmental pollution and dirt deposits. Furthermore it has a supreme odor control and delightful fragrance.

Specifical research on this product

by the University of Camerino (UNICAM) at the Department of Veterinary Science. Worldwide Official Distributor: Ueber s.r.l. dep. Latina  tel.+39 0773 260063


Famiglie dei prodotti

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